• Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

    Sanjivv has been a revelation for me. I am not usually a believer in stuff like Vastu. But, after interacting with Sanjivv; I was amazed to experience his insights and predictions. I believe strongly in him. He has not only been good for me, but also for my friends and associates to whom I have referred him strongly. I wish Sanjivv all the very best and hope that he continues helping more and more people with his skills and abilities.

  • Shiamak Davar

    We wish you all the best.
    God Bless!
    Shiamak Davar

    I have consulted Sanjivv from NumeroShakti, and it has benefited me a lot. Their advice has really worked for us and helped us in our organization.

  • Priyanka Shah
    Miss Tourism World 2007

    Lots of Love,
    Priyanka Shah.
    Miss Tourism World2007.

    My fellow model friend introduced me to NumeroShakti in 2007.I met them only to see what they had to offer.

    To my surprise all that they advised worked fabulously in my favour.They then asked me to wear a ruby ring.I was just done with my Miss India and soon after that I received a call for Miss Tourism Pageant.

    I was sent as Miss Tourism World.A dream I had, since the time I was a little child,to represent India internationally.I not only represented but also returned winning the crown.This was my first experience with NumeroShakti. After this I am regularly in touch with them.

    Everytime I feel lost and need some direction they are just a call away.My life certainly changed post winning the Miss Tourism World title.Personally also, I was at peace since I had succeeded in fulfilling my dream.One dream over and start to another one.They regularly guide my dates, colours, Vastu and me on my way forward. All in all, a package is what I would call them.

    Thank you NumeroShakti for everything! I hope that everyone gets an opportunity to achieve all that they aspire for under your guidance and support.

  • Natasha Suri

    Sanjivv's deep knowledge, accuracy and pragmatic solutions in astrology and numerology makes, an encounter with him, a very positive result oriented experience. The privacy and confidentiality he lends to his clients is an added advantage! He is definitely a master of numbers and charts.

  • Purva Rana
    Miss Tourism World

    I feel great and obliged to announce here, that today I am Miss Tourism World because of NumeroShakti.They have helped me in every era since the time of preparing for the pageant till today when I\\\\\\\'m leading a successful professional career.

    The divine combination of astrology and numerology has helped me build positive energy around me and I look at life from a completely new perspective. I\'m grateful to NumeroShakti who has helped me in his own unique way to help me expand my horizons and achieve great heights.

  • Aarti Chabria

    Sanjivv is a straight forward and an accurate person. He helped me look at things more clearly and plan for my betterment. I have always known the power of colour, but after meeting Sanjivv, I have started making an effort to use the colours that are best for me and avoid the ones that aren't.I truly wish him all the very best...May he continue touching the lives of people with thetherapeautic power of colour.

  • Rohhit Verma

    NumeroShakti is a very helpful and informative website, it helps me get clarity and focus for my work. It has helped me in improving my caliber and using my potential to the maximum,a simple hasslefree guide towards correct living which can easily be utilized by a lay man...I SUGGEST U TRYYYYYY!!

  • Rupali Suri

    Sanjivv's no-nonsense and non-judgemental approach towards astro-numerology makes cynics also find logic and reason in hs advices and solutions. His study and knowledge in this mystic science reasserts ones belief in the cosmic plan and universal mathematics.

  • Marzi Pestonji
    Marzi Pestonji , COO The SHIAMAK Group

    I have consulted NumeroShakti for guidance and whenever I have approached them and visited their website, I have unfailingly found the answers. The website has helped me, and I have complete faith in them. I thank NumeroShakti for the hope and guidance that they have given me.

    Marzi Pestonji (COO)
    The SHIAMAK Group

  • Joe Benardello
    EVP & CSO, Inventurus Knowledge Solutions, Inc.

    NumeroShakti has enabled a positive transformation in our Business. Thank You!

    Joe Benardello
    EVP & CSO
    Inventurus Knowledge Solutions, Inc.

  • Vinod Sharma

    Some experts are good at Numerology, others at Astrology and some have a sense of Vaastugyan. But it is difficult to find someone who excels in all the fields. Sanjivv from NumeroShakti is that rare scholar who straddles across all segments with equal ease.

    More importantly, he is a rare human being with whom you can think aloud. He is empathetic, down to earth and simple. I have sought his advice on numerous occasions and have always found him to be on the mark. Soft spoken and a gentleman to the core, Sanjivv does not beat around the bush. He tells you what he sees for you and not what you want to hear. But thankfully he always has a solution that works to blow away your worries.

    I am sure, through this website, many people in search of a genuine advice like me will be able to get one.

  • Nilesh Shah

    My family, friends and colleagues have observed Sanjivvbhai giving advice to all of us over the years. His ability to merge principles from VastuShashtra, Numerology and Astrology has helped many people over the years. I am aware of many successful and wealthy friends who regularly consult Sanjivvbhai and are satisfied with his advice and predictions.

    He is a simple person and a practical guide. He explains complicated astrological aspects by giving simple examples so that it becomes easy for people to understand. He earns your respect easily and connects with people who are modern as well as conservative.

    I wish him all the best!

  • P Rudran
    Managing Director & CEO, Asset Reconstruction Company (India) Ltd.

    My accidental meeting with Sanjivv who is well versed in Astrology, Numerology and Vaastuyaan has helped me personally. This was possible by following the simple but sound advice of Sanjivv who found out easy solutions for problems that I faced.

    It was indeed heartening to know that he wanted to help more and more people by providing his valuable advice for a better and happy living. My personal view is that NumeroShakti is a unique website. It provides integrated services to users by simply tweaking their names and numbers of mobile, car, email, etc. which has immense potential to change the life of a person.

    I wish Sanjivv and his team all the best!
    P Rudran
    Managing Director & CEO
    Asset Reconstruction Company (India) Ltd.

  • Amal Parikh

    This message is a testimony to the merits of the NumeroShakti team. Their recommendation provided positive effects and results. I had the opportunity of taking guidance from the team on various facets, and on implementation of their suggestions have had an enormous positive impact both on well being and health care economics. Their professional approach is commendable with the willingness to go the extra step for a client's success.

  • Madiha Shekhani

    Sanjivv's knowledge of numbers and Vaastu science has made me see reason and logic in the maths of the cosmos..I believe everything in our life is predestined by Almighty..and this cosmic knowledge amazed me even more about the power and mystery of the universe.

  • Parvathy Omanakuttan
    Miss India 2008, Miss World 1st Runner Up 2008

    Met Sanjivv through a friend ......got an informative insight.

  • A. Rajendra
    Managing Director, Dharti Dredging & Infrastructure Ltd, Hyderabad

    I am extremely pleased to inform that Sanjivv is one stop solution for all my questions related to vaastu, astrology & numerology. While his predictions are very accurate his solutions are just simple & user friendly. My Company has benefitted a lot by following his remedial suggestions.

    Sanjivv has mastered the application of our age old knowledge. I have great faith in him & strongly recommend to all my friends and colleagues. Sanjivv is very modest and maintains confidentiality of highest order.

    God bless him!

  • Kartikeya Talreja
    Director, Geminis Studios and Dafilmschool

    Sanjivv is a Master of Numerology. Over the last many years that I have known him and learnt under him, I have always  been amazed with his insight in both the  practical and theoretical understanding of the art and science of Numerology. I am sure via Numeroshakti, all that will approach him will benefit tremendously.

  • Goutam Adhikari
    Chairman - Sri Adhikari Bros Television Network Limited

    Whether we can get a good occupation, earn lots of money, social status etc... Can be known through Vastu and Astrology. I am a thourough believer in Vastu and Astrology. I came across Mr. Sanjeev Gandhi who seems to have flourished knowledge about Vastu and Astrology. His predictions are inspirational and gives a positive approach.

  • Shravan Kumar Ramaswamy

    I am so blessed that Mr. Sanjivv Gandhi have met me, his vision towards astrology is really practical. Being a very good friend, he has envisaged me with so many solutions for Astro - Numero & Vaastu problems.

    He gets into peoples life with a gateway of happiness, As his suggestions & guidance have endeared a lot of peace in our life.

  • Ragini Dwivedi
    Actor South Films

    Sanjivv Ji is one of the most genuine people you would meet and have a conversation with ... What a pure sole :)
    The readings provided by him has changed my life for good
    There is no pretence or big promise,the small changes you do in ur life according to the guidelines given by him makes all the difference...
    Thnku for all the beneficial guidance