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Welcome to the world of numbers – the poetry of logical ideas. A measure. An indicator. A guide. From the date of birth to the year of graduation to the time of marriage to the moments of joys – each number dictates our life, defines us and also empowers us. The best thing about future is that it comes one day at a time. And moreover, it unfolds through nothing else, but numbers.

Numbers are all around. They rule our world. If deciphered correctly, numbers do offer fascinating insights on our past and present. It can help us infer, inspire and achieve our ambitions. It can empower us to chart a positive course for our future. Numerology makes it possible.

Numerology is the study of symbolic significance of all such numbers. Each number represents a specific area of human awareness and experiences. Astrology, the science propounded by the creator himself. Nothing happens by chance is the main ethos by which the entire world is bound.

Astrology and Numerology, both disciplines are inter-related and externally inter connected. Each astrological sign is ruled by their assigned planetary ruler, which vibrates to a certain number. The vibratory frequency continues in an unchanging magnetic direction or pattern. In Numerology every number from 1 to 9 signifies a planet, in turn Astrology is the combination of planets, and so, they complement each other. The precision increases with the use of such a combination.

Predictions do not change the destiny. They prepare you to deal with elements of your life.
In the world of numerology, each number represents a specific area of human awareness and experiences. Being the study of symbolic significance of all numbers, Numerology can play a valuable role in identifying and capitalising upon prospective opportunities. At the same time, the numbers can help one understand the impeding risks and accordingly suggest potent measures to balance them.

Who we are:
We at Numeroshakti believe in a simple fact - Hard work conquers everything; but good advice can enable one to accelerate the pace. Numeroshakti offers a credible team of reputed and conversant set of Astrologers, experienced Vastu experts, credited Civil Engineers and Numerology advisors who assist our subscribers and seekers towards creating an enduring future. Our core team offers holistic expertise, in-depth experience spanning more than 12 years and the knowledge across various facets of Astrology, Numerology, Graphology and Vastu. Numeroshakti also offers tailored advice in person and on site and places utmost importance in protecting secrecy and privacy of our clients.