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The present scenario is so volatile and convoluted; risk management has become a significant imperative for all businesses. To effectively manage risks, businesses are rapidly embracing the futuristic approach towards success and excellence. Several Corporates today are turning towards Vastu Shastra, designing logos with suggested foresights, bidding for tenders and contracts according to auspicious time to name a few.

While there are experts in the various sciences, there is no holistic solution available to Corporates yet. Being cognizant about all the possible realities and happenings, Numeroshakti presents complete Astrology, Numerology and Vastu that enable organisations to manage risks efficiently while building, growing, transforming and prospering their valued creations.


Numeroshakti offers the following customised services:

  • Astrological forecast for financial growth and stability
  • Vastu based interior planning and implementation
  • Compatibility studies and designing for Logo, Stationery Kits, Visiting Cards, products, based on scientific principles of Numerology, Astrology and Vastushastra
  • Executing agreement for contracts and tender bidding


Committed to provide solutions within a stipulated time frame:

With experience, expertise, knowledge and resounding success in the parlance of Astro predictions, Numeroshakti has already made several organisations and individuals flourish sustainably, achieving par excellence and unparalleled success stories.
Numeroshakti has a proactive and ethical approach to identifying and understanding clients' prerequisite. It believes in being transparent in operational and professional code of conduct. Numeroshakti' assistance are cost effective, at the same time ensures quality and confidentiality.
With experience, expertise and resounding success in Astrology and Numero predictions, Numeroshakti has given solutions, advice and guidance to help several organisations and individuals flourish immensely.

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